5 Dental Tips for the Athlete

Southern Pines Dentist

Dental tips for athlete dentist southern pinesIf you are an athlete, amateur or professional, then you understand that peak performance can only be achieved when your entire body is healthy– including your teeth. A leading Southern Pines dentist explains that athletes face some unique oral health challenges which must be addressed in order to maintain a healthy smile. Check out these 5 dental tips that are especially important for anyone who is interested in physical fitness.

  1. Drink water. During and after a workout, dry mouth is a problem that can contribute to bad breath and cavities. Water is the best way to keep the mouth moisturized and fresh whenever your natural ability to produce saliva has been impaired.
  2. Rinse with water. If sports beverages and protein bars are part of your workout routine, then remember to rinse your mouth with water periodically. This flushes away cavity-causing carbohydrates and neutralizes potentially harmful acids in the mouth.
  3. Carbs cause cavities. While carbohydrates may improve your athletic performance, they can also improve the activity of oral bacteria. The bacteria that cause cavities depend on carbohydrates for energy. Try to limit prolonged exposure to carbs, and remember to rinse with water if you are unable to brush and floss immediately after your workout.
  4. Bite guard. Clenching and gritting your teeth may help you to push through a difficult workout, but the extreme forces can also break your teeth and strain your gums. Wearing a professionally made bite guard during strenuous workouts and high-intensity sports is a smart way to protect your smile.
  5. Sleep apnea appliance. This sleep disorder can drain your energy and ruin your attitude. For better breathing, performance and improved sleep quality, ask your dentist for a simple sleep apnea appliance.

For more information on how to improve your athletic performance through better oral health, contact a dentist in Southern Pines today.