Aesthetic Restorations for Beautiful, Healthy Smiles

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Tooth-colored fillings

What comes to mind when you think of restorative dentistry? If you said functional treatments that repair dental damage, you’re only half right. The truth is, restorative dentistry also contains an aesthetic component. Dental solutions that restore compromised teeth can also renew and improve the appearance of your smile.

When Dr. Amy Moubry, a cosmetic dentist in Southern Pines, crafts a custom restorative dentistry solution for you, she’ll consider all aspects to ensure that your smile is healthy, looks good, and functions comfortably.

Aesthetic Solutions to Functional Problems

If you have a cavity, a filling is the most commonly prescribed treatment. But fillings of old left a dark metal “stain” on a tooth. Sure, the cavity was removed and the tooth restored, but at a high cost aesthetically. Dr. Moubry places tooth-colored, composite resin fillings that not only renew the function of damaged teeth but also revitalize dental appearance. The custom-blended resin matches natural tooth color for an unobtrusive appearance and a tooth that looks “untouched.”

For dental damage that extends beyond the limits of the protection that a filling provides, a custom crown may be the answer. A crown is essentially a tooth-shaped covering that sits atop a badly decayed, cracked, or severely-worn tooth to provide structure and protection. Porcelain crowns mimic the appearance of natural teeth for a beautiful appearance.

Southern Pines patients with missing teeth can reinvigorate their smiles with dental implants. This revolutionary, restorative dentistry solution looks and feels completely natural. Some traditional tooth replacement options leave you with a prosthetic that can shift over time, causing problems with appearance and making eating and speaking difficult. Implants renew dental appearance, restore chewing function, help maintain healthy jawbone mass, and eliminate embarrassing slippage.

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