Connect with a Southern Pines Dentist for Veneers and Crowns

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Smiling Woman Southern Pines Dentist Linking up with a Southern Pines dentist to make your smile more appealing isn’t superficial or vain. It means that you recognize just how much your appearance can influence your personality, your professional dealings, and your social life. You value the power of your smile and you want yours to look as healthy and as inviting as possible.

Porcelain crowns and veneers are among the most commonly requested (and performed) cosmetic dental procedures. While they are certainly different procedures, they are very much similar to one another, and many patients find it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Both of these restorations are generally made from porcelain, a material that provides for a result that is less-bulky and more realistic than any other cosmetic material. However, some crowns contain in inner layer of metal for greater strength. The metal is sometimes difficult to conceal beneath the porcelain, and it is used more frequently in the back teeth where esthetics are not as critical. While porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns were once used on the front teeth, this practice has become far less common as full-porcelain solutions are more appropriate.

In general, a crown offers complete coverage and greater strength for each individual tooth. This is particularly ideal when the tooth is considered to be structurally weak and would benefit from an added reinforcement. Essentially, a crown functions as a natural-looking cap for the entire tooth.

In contrast, a veneer functions as half of a crown—the front half. Whereas the tooth (or teeth) is not weak but could benefit from an enhancement, the front surface can be totally concealed with a custom-made veneer. The veneer can be designed to make the tooth appear whiter, wider, longer, or more proportionate, according to your personal preferences. When permanently bonded to your natural tooth, a veneer can be expected to last just as long as a full crown.

When you smile, it will be virtually impossible to tell if your teeth have been fitted with crowns or veneers. Both can be crafted to deliver the same beautiful results. Sitting down with a dentist in Southern Pines today will be the best way to assess which one is right for you.