Consult a Southern Pines Dentist About Protecting Your Investment

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TensionGritting or clenching your teeth, a clinical condition known as bruxism, is a common habit that is far more destructive than you might imagine. It contributes to severe pain and extensive damage in and around the jaw joint. The cartilage and ligaments within the joint, the muscles, teeth, gums, and even the jaw bone can suffer significant damage as well.

Whether you experience occasional bouts of bruxism during the day or chronic bruxism at night, it’s a condition that should be addressed and treated by an experienced Southern Pines dentist as quickly as possible. In fact, if you are at risk for bruxism or if you have a history of bruxism, your dentist might prescribe a protective custom mouthguard. These professional mouthguards can protect your natural teeth and also prevent you from damaging your beautiful dental work.

For patients who have invested in porcelain veneers, dental implants, and crowns, a custom mouthguard can add a valuable level of protection.

Assessing your risk for bruxism begins with a clinical evaluation of your symptoms:

  • Uneven teeth, razor-sharp teeth, or excessively worn enamel
  • Soreness or tightness in the jaw
  • Occasional lockjaw, limited opening, or popping and clicking upon opening
  • Morning headaches

These classic TMJ or TMD symptoms are frequently overlooked, ignored, or simply tolerated until they become more severe. Unfortunately, by delaying treatment, many patients fall victim to irreversible damage. Receding gums, bone loss, broken dental restorations, and shattered enamel can lead to a compounding list of oral health complications.

The protection and the comfort offered by a professionally-made mouthguard can eliminate a great deal of the risks associated with bruxism and TMJ disorders. A well-made mouthguard can prevent involuntary clenching or grinding, relax the jaw muscles, and reduce damaging forces on the teeth. With the guard in place, you can enjoy a peaceful night of sleep and wake up without morning headaches and tension.

You have invested so much in your smile. Now is the time to speak with a dentist in Southern Pines about protecting it. Call for an appointment today.