Dental Bonding is Fast, Effective & Economical

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Dental BondingLet’s say that you want to change the appearance of your front teeth, but you’re not sure how to go about it. You’ve heard that porcelain veneers do a great job transforming flawed teeth, but you also heard that they can be a bit expensive. There’s always traditional or clear braces, but you really don’t need orthodontic treatment.

So, what do you? Well, we recommend that you talk to Dr. Amy Moubry. She offers a comprehensive range of dental solutions to meet the needs of residents in Southern Pines and surrounding areas. One of these solutions is dental bonding – a fast and effective way to mask dental flaws. And the best part? Bonding won’t break your budget!

Is Bonding Right for You?

If some of the teeth that show when you smile are chipped, slightly misaligned, spaced a little too far apart, or stained, then bonding may be a good choice for you. Bonding uses composite resin, which is the same material used for white fillings, to cover dental flaws. The resin is extremely strong and durable. It can be tinted to match – or improve – the color of your natural smile.

And unlike the process to apply porcelain veneers, bonding teeth doesn’t require removing tooth enamel. This means that your natural tooth structure remains unchanged.

The Bonding Process

At your bonding appointment, Dr. Moubry will prepare the teeth to be bonded. Then, she’ll apply tinted composite resin to your teeth and shape the resin to cover flaws and create a natural, attractive appearance. A curing light hardens the resin, and a final polishing results in a smile that looks awesome!

It typically takes about half an hour to an hour to bond a tooth, so Dr. Moubry can bond multiple teeth in a single appointment.

Benefits of Bonding

Dental bonding gives you the opportunity to change your smile for the better. It’s more affordable than some other cosmetic dentistry solutions, such as porcelain veneers. You get the smile you’ve always wanted with a solution that doesn’t cost a fortune. Bonded teeth look natural and deliver great results.

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