Dental Sealants Protect Our Children at Snack Time

Southern Pines Dentist
To harden sealant gel material, a UV light is used.

To harden sealant gel material, a painless UV light is used.

Your child’s permanent molars have deep pits and grooves, and that’s a natural part of their anatomy. This is also the reason that dentists are suggesting sealants be placed on the teeth of the littlest residents in Pinehurst.

If there isn’t a cavity, why can’t the teeth be left alone?

It is important for your child’s teeth to remain healthy and decay free for many years, and hopefully for their entire lifetime. One way of assisting your child with their oral care is to place sealants in the pits and grooves of their permanent molars. At the age of six, most children’s first molars will grow in. Because they are located in the farthest corners of their mouths, it is difficult for a child to access and efficiently clean these teeth. The combination of young age and challenging home care can be the perfect combination for decay to form.

Sealants are quick and painless to place. A member of the dental team will first coat the top of the molar and etchant solution to prepare the enamel for the sealant. The sealant material will then be gently flowed into the grooves of the chewing surface. Because the material is a gel substance, it will spread into the grooves and pits. To harden this gel material, a UV light is used. The sealant material hardens immediately, sealing the tooth from food, debris, and/or other decay causers.

Your child can eat and drink normally. Sticky candies should be limited or avoided because they can pull the sealant out. Water, fruits, vegetables are always suggested for everyday oral and overall health. Even with reasonable care, dental sealants may not last forever. They can begin to wear away by adulthood, but can provide many years of valuable cavity protection.

Can dental sealants help your child to avoid tooth decay? Call for an appointment today with a knowledgeable and compassionate dentist who can evaluate your child for the answer.