Discuss your Diet with a Pinehurst Dentist

Southern Pines Dentist

SteakSmIf you want to avoid cavities and tooth sensitivity, you should watch out for cookies and candy, right? Not necessarily. Your diet and your eating habits can have a profound impact on your risk for tooth decay, even if you never eat sweets.

For a more accurate picture of your risk for cavities, as well as tips for a more effective oral hygiene strategy, you should begin by discussing your eating habits and patterns with a dentist in Pinehurst. You might be surprised by what you learn about the factors that can cause cavities. Avoiding Gummy Bears isn’t necessarily the best way to prevent cavities.

Acidity in the mouth and on the teeth is the primary cause of cavities. Of course, when you eat sugary candy, the bacteria which are naturally found in the mouth will begin to produce enamel-destroying acids. However, your enamel is vulnerable to other forms of acid as well. Many of the foods and beverages that we enjoy throughout the day can trigger the same sort of acid-production that we experience after sugary snacks. In fact, some foods and drinks contain high levels of acids that can attack the enamel directly, leading to sensitivity and cavities.

As a general rule, any drinks or food items that contain sugar or carbohydrates will raise the acid level within the mouth. Aside from “sweets,” this could include chips, crackers, and breads. A similar acid attack can be seen when the teeth are exposed to diet soft drinks, 100% fruit juice, tomato-based ingredients, and most sports or energy drinks.

The list of potentially cavity-causing foods often comes as a surprise for anyone who avoids sweets and consumes a generally “healthy” diet. If your lifestyle requires small, frequent snacks and meals, then your teeth may be constantly bathed in destructive acids. It’s a pattern that places you at risk for cavities along the gumline and between the teeth, even if you never eat a cupcake.

To find out if your eating patterns are putting you at risk for cavities, talk to a dentist in Pinehurst today about the best method of cavity prevention.