Dr. Moubry Restores Smiles with Dental Implants

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Your smile does more than complement your appearance. Complete rows of upper and lower teeth are necessary to chew comfortably, maintain jawbone mass, and provide support for facial structures. A strong, healthy smile also contributes positively to whole-body health.

In Southern Pines NC, implant dentist Dr. Amy Moubry focuses on helping patients achieve optimal oral health and beautiful smiles. She restores dental implants to replace missing teeth and stabilize dental prosthetics. This popular and proven restorative dentistry solution can revitalize your smile and your life!

Missing Teeth Pose Lots of Problems

Even one missing tooth can create issues. When a tooth is lost, adjacent teeth may drift out of position, causing problems with bite alignment and increasing the risk of gum disease and dental decay. When top and bottom teeth no longer fit together optimally, teeth can become overly worn and jaw joints may experience undue stress. Studies show that if a missing tooth isn’t replaced, neighboring teeth are likely to be lost in the future.

Bone tissue suffers, as well. To maintain optimal mass, your jawbone relies on the chewing forces of your natural teeth. When that force is lost, jawbone tissue begins to atrophy. A dental implant replicates the structure of a natural tooth to provide jawbone stimulation and encourage healthy bone mass.

The Structure of a Dental Implant

An implant consists of a tiny, titanium post that serves as a replacement tooth root. The post is placed in your jawbone by an oral surgeon or periodontist. During the healing phase, bone and post fuse to form a solid foundation for your new smile. Dr. Moubry will design and apply your custom implant crown or implant-supported denture to renew your smile’s function, comfort, and appearance.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Most Southern Pines dental implant patients report that they can’t tell their dental implants from the real thing! That’s because implants mimic the structure of natural teeth to deliver the benefits of a natural smile. With proper care, dental implants may last a lifetime. They deliver outstanding comfort, eliminate the need for adhesive, and stop jawbone loss. With dental implants from Moubry Family Dentistry in Southern Pines, you can stop worrying and start living!

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