Explore the FAQ about Implant Dentistry with a Southern Pines Dentist

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Questions about Implant Dentistry?

Questions about Implant Dentistry?

You are not alone if you have questions about dental implants. You might already know that implants are the strong titanium posts that can replace your missing teeth, but it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with the details of this dental specialty prior to your consultation with a dentist in Southern Pines.

If I am interested in dental implants, how do I get the ball rolling on my treatment?

Your journey begins with your general or family dentist to determine if you are an eligible dental implant candidate. Your dentist will help to guide you through your tooth replacement options and also coordinate your dental care with other specialists if necessary.

Before my implant surgery, will I receive an easy-to-understand explanation of the procedure?

No treatment will begin until you are fully informed about the risks and benefits of your decision, as well as all of the possible alternatives to surgery. You will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you’d like, and you’ll be provided with written consent forms which must be read and signed before your treatment can begin.

Should I just go to an implant clinic to have my new tooth made?

An implant clinic is a fairly new concept which advertises a convenient “one-stop” dental implant experience, where the surgical and laboratory work can be completed in one place. While this sort of convenience makes for an alluring option, you may want to put your smile in the hands of dentists that you know and trust. If your treatment will require a trip to a specialist’s office, you can count on your general dentist to refer you to someone that she can communicate with to provide you with results that are comprehensive and predictable.

When your smile is on the line, it’s best to avoid the marketing hype and consult your Southern Pines dentist for a personalized recommendation. Call today for more answers to your dental implant questions.