Have You Asked the Dentist These 10 Questions?

Southern Pines Dentist

Top 10 questions dentist Southern PinesYour dental appointments can be more interesting and more informative when you actively engage the dentist in a deeper conversation about your oral health. There’s lots to know about your mouth and the dentist is your best source for information. Before your next appointment with a Southern Pines dentist, get familiar with the following list of questions and add your own to learn as much as possible about your smile.

  1. How many dental check-ups should I schedule each year? One to two dental visits each year are recommended, but you may benefit from three or four visits, depending on the status of your oral health.
  2. What is the safest and most effective way to whiten my teeth? The dentist can evaluate your enamel and the level of discoloration to recommend the safest method of teeth whitening for you.
  3. What should I be doing to keep my teeth healthy at home? A power toothbrush, anticavity rinse, floss threaders and other tools could help you to improve your homecare routine.
  4. Do I need to have dental x-rays taken? Cavities, gum disease, the quality of old fillings, and even oral cancer can be evaluated with dental x-rays. The dentist will need to determine how often x-rays are needed.
  5. What steps should I take to prevent cavities and other dental problems? If you are at risk for specific dental problems, look to the dentist for advice on how to craft the perfect prevention strategy.
  6. Why do my teeth feel sensitive? Sensitivity can be caused by a number of underlying conditions. You can find the solution by first identifying the cause.
  7. Do I need dental implants? If you have missing teeth, your dentist can recommend that best tooth replacement option.
  8. Should I be getting fluoride treatments after my dental cleanings? The added protection of fluoride isn’t just for kids.
  9. Should I be protecting my teeth with a night guard? Night-time clenching and grinding can be detrimental to your smile and jaw joints. Find out if you are in need of extra protection while you sleep.
  10. Is it time for my children to have their first dental exams? The dentist can help you to determine the best time for your child’s first dental exam.

Once you have prepared your list of questions, contact a Southern Pines dentist for an appointment today.