Help for Dry Mouth Sufferers

Southern Pines Dentist

Dry Mouth TipsOccasional dry mouth isn’t typically something to worry about. More often than not, it just means that you’re thirsty! Stress and anxiety can also cause the mouth to feel dry. However, chronic dry mouth poses some real concerns. The medical term for this condition is xerostomia, and those plagued with it understand the frustration and discomfort it can cause. However, even dry mouth sufferers might not realize the danger of dry mouth to oral health. In Southern Pines NC, Dr. Amy Moubry of Moubry Family Dentistry helps dry mouth sufferers alleviate their symptoms for renewed oral health and comfort.

Dry Mouth Symptoms & Problems
Aside from a mouth that feels parched, xerostomia also can cause the following symptoms:
● Chronic bad breath
● Dry, cracked lips
● Thick saliva
● Trouble swallowing or speaking
● A diminished sense of taste
● Sore throat

These symptoms are caused a lack of adequate saliva flow. Good saliva flow is important for a healthy oral environment. Without it, the problems above can occur. But these symptoms, while frustrating, aren’t the extent of the damage that can result from dry mouth.

Saliva serves many purposes. It aids in food digestion, helps wash away oral bacteria, and helps you to comfortably chew and swallow. Without good saliva flow, oral bacteria can flourish and increase the risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and infections in the mouth.

Help for Dry Mouth Sufferers
If you suffer from dry mouth, come see us. Dr. Moubry will discuss your symptoms, conduct an examination, and discuss your medical history. Depending on the cause of your dry mouth, Dr. Moubry can tailor a treatment regimen to specifically address your unique needs. She’ll help you combat the problem of dry mouth to create a comfortable, healthy smile.