Is There Any Substitute for Dental Floss?

Southern Pines Dentist

Dental FlossingIn Pinehurst, dental flossing is not likely to be the most popular activity, but cleaning between the teeth is vitally essential for the good of your oral health. A conventional toothbrush just isn’t effective for removing food and plaque from between the teeth, and this is the area where cavities, periodontal disease, and bad breath are most likely to begin. But if you hate flossing, what are your alternatives?  Water flossers, oral irrigators, or oral water jets have become more popular among those who are seeking another interdental option.

Understanding Water Flossers

These devices deliver a steam of pressurized water into the crevices between the teeth.  This high-pressured water helps to blast away food debris and loosely attached plaque. The water also provides beneficial stimulation to the gum tissue. Some of these devices can also be filled with therapeutic mouth rinses which work to kill bacteria and freshen the breath.

Do Water Flossers Replace String Floss?

Many studies have been performed to compare the effectiveness of water flossers versus traditional floss. Most have shown that pressurized water cannot remove the stickiest layers of plaque from the teeth. However, new studies are indicating that water flossers are becoming much more effective than they once were. Some dentists recommend that patients use water flossers in addition to traditional floss, not as a replacement. Still, for patients who would not otherwise floss at all, any form of interdental cleaning is better than none at all.

Making the Choice

Even as researchers and dentist continue to debate the benefits of water flossers and string floss, we can safely assume that both options work better than a toothbrush for cleaning between the teeth. To decide which option is best for you, speak to your Pinehurst dentist or dental hygienist about the state of your oral health and then pick the method that is most appropriate and most comfortable for you.