Is Your Tooth Pain Caused by Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Southern Pines Dentist

Cracked Tooth SyndromeIf you experience intermittent tooth pain, or pain that occurs only when you chew or bite, you might be scratching your head to determine the source. Pain from a cavity typically manifests itself as a constant ache. And while dental decay is a leading cause of oral discomfort, it’s not the only one. If you have tooth pain, we recommend that you visit our Southern Pines dentist’s office for an appointment with Dr. Amy Moubry. You may have cracked tooth syndrome.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Pain caused by cracked tooth syndrome can be varied in both its intensity and when it strikes. It typically occurs in the back teeth. The discomfort ranges from mild to intense. Some sufferers experience pain when they bite or chew. Others are bothered by temperature extremes.

The issue is tiny cracks on the surface of a tooth or under the gum line. Sometimes, these cracks are so small that they can’t be seen on X-rays.

Some causes of cracked tooth syndrome include chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding and bite misalignment. Teeth with large fillings may also be at risk.

Treatment for Cracked Tooth Syndrome

It’s important to treat cracked tooth symptoms to alleviate the pain and prevent tooth breakage and infection. Dr. Moubry will conduct a thorough examination of your painful tooth, as well as the rest of your smile. Treatment may include nightguard therapy to prevent teeth grinding, a dental crown to provide strength and protection, or root canal treatment to alleviate internal infection. Extraction may be required if the root of the tooth is affected.

Your treatment will depend on your unique situation. At Moubry Family Dentistry, you’ll receive the customized care you deserve for a healthy, comfortable smile.