Non‐Invasive TMJ Treatment

Southern Pines Dentist

TMJ TreatmentIt’s hard to believe that the two small jaw joints – called the temporomandibular joints, or TMJ – can cause problems throughout the body when stressed. But these sensitive joints are responsible for a variety of symptoms that you might not connect with a problem with the jaw, including low back pain, tingling in the fingers, and headaches. Residents of Southern Pines trust Dr. Amy Moubry at Moubry Family Dentistry for relief from TMJ pain. Non-invasive treatment delivers proven results for comfortable, healthy function.

Causes of TMJ Trouble

The small, triangular joints at the base of the jaw are extremely sensitive to stimuli. Of course, physical trauma to the joint can disrupt function, but emotional stress can also impact these joints. A misaligned bite and chronic teeth grinding can also contribute to stressed jaw joints and muscles, resulting in discomfort and impaired function.

Symptoms of TMJ

Headaches, unexplained facial pain, earaches, and pain in the head, neck, or jaw can be primary symptoms of a problem with the jaw joints. Many times, though, the pain isn’t localized to the jaw region. TMJ problems can cause problems in the hands, such as tingling fingers, as well as discomfort in the low back.

TMJ Treatment

Non-surgical treatments are available to remedy TMJ pain and renew comfortable jaw function. Many Southern Pines TMJ sufferers experience relief with oral appliance therapy. A small, custom-fitted piece of specially formed acrylic that fits over teeth properly positions the jaw to relieve pressure on stressed joints and muscles. If a misaligned bite is the culprit, building up the surface of back teeth to bring the bite into alignment may be the preferred treatment.

At your TMJ consultation with Dr. Moubry, she’ll examine your smile and discuss your symptoms to discover the source of your discomfort and the optimal treatment for your unique needs. Call Moubry Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.