Picture Your Smile in 20 Years

Southern Pines Dentist

Picture-your-smileWhen is the last time that you sat down with a dentist in Southern Pines about your long-term dental goals? Even if your smile looks and feels okay today, are there hidden issues that could cause problems for your over the next 10-20 years? If so, it’s smart to identify and address those issues now rather than waiting for your smile to fall victim to Father Time.

Act now to avoid these future dental problems
Worn Teeth. If your teeth are already beginning to show signs of wear and tear, talk to your dentist about restorative solutions such as new fillings, crowns, and veneers. This is a problem that will typically get worse with time. These restorations are used to rebuild teeth that are cracked, chipped, or decayed. For teeth that are worn down due to chronic nighttime clenching or grinding, a professional bite guard might be recommended for protection.
Gum Disease. This progressive dental disease will continue to destroy the gum tissue and bone, ultimately resulting in tooth loss. Identifying and treating this inflammatory disease with periodontal therapy now will help you to avoid more significant problems in the future.
Discoloration. Stained teeth may not look very nice now, but they’re certain to become more noticeable as the years pass. Mild to moderate staining can be eliminated with professional teeth whitening, and the procedure can be repeated as necessary to maintain the desired result. More advanced staining can be concealed with porcelain crowns and ceramic veneers.
Sunken Features. Missing teeth can disrupt the remaining teeth, but can also affect the contours of your face. The teeth help to support the lips and cheeks. Without them, the face will begin to appear sunken and aged. In fact, tooth loss also results in the loss of volume in the jaw bone, making you appear several years older. Replacing the missing teeth with dental implants or dental bridges is a smart way to rejuvenate the shape of your face and prevent future deterioration.

Start planning today for the smile that you’ll love in 20 years. Talk to a dentist in the Southern Pines area for a complete dental assessment and a discussion about your treatment options.