Pinehurst Dentist Knows What Your Teeth Are Saying About Your Workout

Southern Pines Dentist

Runner SmYou are making every effort to keep your body healthy, but you’re making more frequent trips to the dentist in Pinehurst because of sensitive teeth, cavities, and gum problems. Maybe it’s more than a coincidence; maybe your exercise habits are affecting with your dental health.

Extra-Sensitive Teeth

The cold air that you inhale during a run or a bike ride can leave your teeth feeling incredibly sensitive—especially if you have recently whitened your teeth or have had dental work. The teeth can also become hypersensitive if you tend to clench or grit your teeth together as you push through that last set of exercises. If an outdoor workout is your preference, try covering your mouth with a scarf to block the flow of cold air. If your tooth-gritting workout is the problem, ask your dentist about relieving the pressure with a custom-fitted sports mouthguard.

More and More Cavities

Keeping your body hydrated is an important part of your physical fitness regimen, but the beverage that you choose may not be very friendly to your teeth. Sports drinks are known to be acidic, wearing away your enamel to leave you at risk for cavities. Athletes who consume high-carb diets are also at risk since carbs are the primary source of nutrition for plaque bacteria. Try hydrating with water as much as possible and avoid sipping on sports drinks for extended periods of time. And of course, rinse or brush after each of your protein bars, sandwiches, and other snacks.

A Mouth that’s Drier than a Desert

Mouth-breathing isn’t the only reason for moderate or severe dry mouth. Our bodies naturally suppress our saliva production during a workout, creating a more acidic environment within the mouth. As a result, athletes tend to experience more enamel erosion and plaque buildup than normal. This can be counteracted when you remember to drink water prior to your workout and then sip or rinse with a few ounces of water periodically during your workout.

If your body seems to be healthier than your teeth, consider adding a Pinehurst dentist to your workout team today.