Pinehurst Dentist Prevents Gum and Teeth Issues During Pregnancy

Southern Pines Dentist

Pregnant Woman Not only is your body going through changes during pregnancy, but your mouth is too. A Pinehurst dentist can assist you in knowing what to look for and identifying any issues with your oral health during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a many changes to accommodate a baby. Because of these changes, our mouths can experience some adjustments as well. Pregnant women are more susceptible to gum disease and tooth decay due to the influx of hormones that the body is producing. Because of these hormones, the body has a different response to the plaque that accumulates in the mouth, therefore requiring better and more thorough home care. The plaque that is allowed to accumulate must be removed with increased brushing and flossing, otherwise it can and will cause gum disease and eventually lead to tooth decay.

Since frequent vomiting and acid reflux can occur during pregnancy, enamel erosion is a concern. Stomach acids will destroy tooth enamel, therefore making teeth more susceptible to decay. Rinse the mouth with water and/or mouthwash immediately after vomiting or a bout of reflux. Brushing your teeth after rinsing them can help to prevent the acids from scratching the tooth enamel.

Pregnancy is known to cause some curious food cravings. Exposing your teeth to increased sugary or acidic foods/drinks and increased carbohydrates can be cause for concern. Making healthy food choices during this time will ultimately help to prevent compromising the health of the teeth. Continued awareness of your food choices and changes in your mouth can help you to have a healthy mouth, healthy body, and healthy baby.

For further assistance with dental concerns during pregnancy contact a Pinehurst dentist today. Your well-being before, during, and after pregnancy is our highest concern. By discussing your oral health during this delicate time, you can enjoy both your pregnancy and a healthy mouth.