Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease in Southern Pines

Southern Pines Dentist

young brunette hiding her mouthGum disease – also called periodontal disease – increases the risk of whole-body health conditions, including stroke, heart disease, dementia, diabetes complications, low-birth weight, and more. But do you know the types of things that increase your risk of developing this chronic infection of the gums? Southern Pines NC dentist Dr. Amy Moubry provides information on to gum disease risk factors.

Gum Disease Risk Factors

The primary cause of gum disease is plaque. This colorless, odorless film constantly forms on teeth. It feeds on starches and sugars from the things we eat and drink. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental checkups and cleanings can lessen this risk factor by preventing plaque acids from irreparably damaging teeth and gums.

Other gum disease risk factors include:

Poor nutrition: If you’re not getting the proper nutrients, your immune system can suffer. When your body’s defenses are lessened, gum disease infection can take hold.

Medication: Oral contraceptives, certain heart medicines, and anti-depressants can play a role in oral health. At your next appointment, tell us about any medications you’re taking so that Dr. Moubry can factor that into her assessment of your oral health and recommendations for treatment.

Systemic disease: Diseases that trigger the body’s inflammatory response – such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease – can impact gum health in a negative manner.

Stress: We all get stressed from time to time. But chronic stress can eventually lessen the body’s ability to fight infection. Since gum disease is an infection of the gums, stress can leave the door open to oral damage.

Genetics: OK – this is one risk factor you can’t control. Sometimes, your genes just make you more susceptible to gum disease. If you have a family history of gum disease, tell Dr. Moubry. She can prescribe preventive therapies to combat risk factors.

Knowledge is Power

Knowing the risk factors of gum disease can help you avoid the condition and maintain a healthy smile. Call Moubry Family Dentistry today and schedule a gum disease assessment with Southern Pines dentist Dr. Moubry. She’s your partner for a healthy smile and a healthy life.