Southern Pine Dentist Loves the Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Southern Pines Dentist

Mature Lady SmileIn modern dentistry, there is very little use for the old silver fillings of the past. When you visit a Southern Pines dentist for a filling, here’s why you can expect to receive a resin-bonded restoration rather than a silver filling:

What are the advantages of a resin filling?

  • This restoration is bonded to the enamel for a secure, sealed fit.
  • The filling protects and strengthens the tooth.
  • A resin filling is available in several different shades for a perfect match and attractive finish.

These white or tooth-colored fillings are a great choice for restoring the teeth and the simple procedure is well-tolerated by patients of all ages.

The teeth and the gum tissue will first need to be numbed with topical and local anesthetics in the area that will receive the filling. During the procedure, the anesthesia will keep you comfortable and prevent you from feeling sensations such as sharpness or pain.

Next, all traces of tooth decay or old fillings will need to be removed with a high-speed dental drill. Once the area has been cleaned and prepared with a clear bonding adhesive, the resin filling material can be molded into the tooth structure. The filling material is soft and pliable during this stage, enabling it to be adapted to any surface of the tooth. The filling material is light-activated and must be cured with a special light, making it look and feel as hard as real enamel.

Finally, the light-cured filling will be smoothed and polished to a high luster so that it blends flawlessly with your enamel. Following the placement of the filling, there is no waiting period in terms of eating or drinking, since the tooth is immediately strong enough to resume its normal functions.

On any surface of the teeth, a resin filling is a strong, attractive, and effective choice. These fillings are perfect for first-time restorations or as replacements for older silver fillings. Find out how tooth-colored resin fillings can improve your smile by consulting a Southern Pines dentist today.