Southern Pines Cosmetic Dentist Offers Realine™ Clear Aligners

Southern Pines Dentist

If you are an adult who like to enjoy an improved smile and straighter teeth, yet can’t foresee a future with braces, then you are not alone. By recent estimates, more than 100 million adult consumers are feeling the same way. Many of these adults are simply uninterested in seeing an orthodontist, but would be open to a minor orthodontic solution if it were made available in their general or cosmetic dentist’s office. A convenient orthodontic solution with an affordable price point makes having straighter teeth seem like a more attainable goal.

From the comfort of a Southern Pines dental office, adult patients can now take steps to correct minor issues such as crowding or spacing with an affordable system that is also metal-free. The very competitively priced Realine™ clear aligner can correct a number of cosmetic challenges for patients whose treatment goals are limited. This includes adult patients who may have suffered a relapse following their treatment with conventional braces as teens.

The Realine system is appealing for adults since it only consists of a simple, five-stage, clear aligner approach to orthodontics. The short treatment time and the virtual invisibility of this orthodontic method means that busy adults won’t have to compromise their image or their schedules in order to enjoy nicer smiles.

Once impression records of your mouth and jaw are obtained, your case can be processed right in the dental office—no shipping, mailing, or waiting for an outside laboratory. Gone are the days of messy or sloppy impression materials. Your Realine™ impressions are obtained with the help of an iTero intraoral dental scan, a futuristic 3-D imaging system that captures the details in seconds. With that, your case is processed and you will receive detailed instructions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your aligners.

To align yourself with a better smile, contact your Realine™ dentist in Southern Pines today.