Southern Pines Dental Office Enjoys a Night on the Town

Southern Pines Dentist

Although we consider ourselves to be a talented and dedicated dental office in Southern Pines, we also like to remember that we are a part of this great community. There’s a whole lot of fun taking place outside of our clinic walls, and sometimes we like to just let our hair down, get out there and enjoy it all! And, the Christmas season is the perfect time to do exactly that.

So, when Dr. Moubry decided to treat our team to a festive night out on the town, who could refuse?

retro southern pinesWe began the evening at Retro, a truly fantastic local salon right here in Southern Pines! It’s a Makeup Studio, Wine, & Blowout Bar run by a team of true professionals. Of course, we took full advantage of our chance to ditch our clinical scrubs and lab coats, so we got dressed up, and the Retro team pampered each of us with customized hair and makeup services. If you have never enjoyed the true luxury of a salon experience, check it out for yourself by visiting Retro’s Facebook page.

southern prime steakhouseFeeling rejuvenated and refreshed, we continued on to the Southern Prime Steakhouse for dinner. Their menu features the HIGHEST-QUALITY STEAK, chicken, pork and seafood prepared with fresh, crisp vegetables and flavorful sides. There was something delectable for everyone, and it was such a pleasure to just sit back and enjoy one another while taking in the ambiance that makes Southern Pines a great place to call home. To peruse the menu for yourself, take a look at their website:

We’re making the most of the holiday season, and we hope that you are too! Even amidst the festivities, if you are in need of a dentist in Southern Pines, we hope that you’ll call us today!