Southern Pines Dental Office is the Right Place to Talk Hormones

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From mood swings to skin problems, hormones are blamed for much of what seems to ail us. Oral health problems can also be added to that list, since fluctuations in our hormone levels can have a noticeable impact on the gums and the teeth. The hormonal changes that women experience during puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause can present some dental health challenges that can’t be ignored. Even the use of birth control can affect your oral health, and discussing these factors with your dentist in Southern Pines is a smart way to handle the problem if you want to protect your smile.

Gingivitis, the most common side-effect of a change in hormones, can be effectively treated in the dental office and at home. It’s an increase in inflammation that can leave the gums puffy and tender. Having the teeth cleaned professionally and improving your oral hygiene at home may be the best treatment. During times of severe inflammation, such as during puberty or pregnancy, more frequent cleanings might be recommended.

Many women may also notice an increase in the frequency of cold sores and canker sores as the hormone fluctuate. Oral sores should be evaluated by the dentist even if they do not hurt. After an examination, you may be advised to use ointments or pain relievers to manage your symptoms until they subside. More serious or frequent lesions can be treated with prescription medications if necessary.

When gingivitis is diagnosed during pregnancy, professional cleanings, and thorough brushing and flossing at home are essential. In some severe cases, a large blister known as a pregnancy granuloma can appear on the gums, which can be treated by the dentist. Other pregnancy-related conditions such as morning sickness and dry mouth can damage the teeth and gums unless properly managed, making it important to seek regular dental care while you are expecting.

Remember to mention hormonal changes when you visit your dentist in Southern Pines. Most dental complications can be prevented or reduced in severity with professional intervention. For more help, call for a checkup today.