Southern Pines Dentist Talks Tooth Loss

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StraightWhiteTeethSmTooth loss is a serious problem that impacts millions of Americans. Here are some statistics:

178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth.

35 million Americans have lost all of their teeth.

Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss (other causes include dental decay, excessive wear, trauma, and cancer).

Southern Pines NC dentist Dr. Amy Moubry and the team at Moubry Family Dentistry want you to maintain a complete smile for a lifetime. We offer comprehensive treatment to remedy the causes of tooth loss and keep smiles healthy. We also provide customized care to address tooth loss and revitalize smiles through personalized restorative dentistry.

Customized Restorative Solutions

We don’t want you to suffer from tooth loss. But if you do, we can help! Dr. Moubry offers a range of solutions to address the needs of Southern Pines dental patients. From replacing a single tooth to an entire mouthful of teeth, we’ve got you covered.

Bridges: A dental bridge is a restorative dentistry option that replaces one or more missing teeth in a row. Bridges are permanently bonded in place for long-lasting performance.

Dentures: A partial denture replaces missing teeth scattered throughout an upper or lower row of teeth. Partials are held in place with unobtrusive clasps and are removable. Full dentures replace an entire row or whole mouthful of teeth. They contain realistic-looking prosthetic teeth on a base the color of your own gum tissue for a natural appearance.

Dental implants: Dr. Moubry restores dental implants to replace individual missing teeth and to secure prosthetics. Implants mimic the structure of natural teeth and are the longest lasting replacement alternative available today. Implant-secured replacement teeth can be fixed in place or removable, depending on the specific solution and your unique needs.

Renew Your Smile

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