Southern Pines Dentist and Vitamin D are Oral Health Keys

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Fight premature tooth loss and periodontal disease with vitamin D.

Fight premature tooth loss and periodontal disease with vitamin D.

If you suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency, you may be more likely to also suffer from serious oral conditions. The relationship between your Vitamin D levels and your risk for dental diseases should be discussed with a Southern Pines dentist. By disclosing this common health condition, you can be sure that you received the customized dental care that could save your teeth.

Certain diseases can reduce or impair your body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D, resulting in dangerously low levels of this important vitamin. For example, disorders of the bones and muscles, certain cancers, liver disease, obesity, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and some autoimmune disorders are known to contribute to vitamin deficiencies.

Studies show that your lifestyle and geographic location may also influence your Vitamin D levels. United States residents living north of the imaginary line between Atlanta and Los Angeles face an increased risk for a vitamin deficiency. In addition to your physical location, you could be sabotaging your vitamin levels if you take certain medications or indulge in alcohol and tobacco products.

Low levels of vitamin D are a known risk factor for the bone disease Osteoporosis. According to current research, there is a strong link between osteoporosis and the bone loss that highlights periodontal disease. Along with calcium, vitamin D deficiencies raise your risk for bone loss in the jaw and around the teeth.

To prevent premature tooth loss and the onset of irreversible periodontal disease, it’s important that you pay close attention to your vitamin D levels on a regular basis. To boost the vitamin levels in your bloodstream, you might consider consulting your physician about the use of dietary supplements, sun lamps, and vitamin D-rich foods.

The risk of a vitamin D deficiency can be high for certain individuals and the condition is prevalent throughout our population. Fortunately, you can consult a dentist in Southern Pines about how to prevent the condition from ruining your oral health. Call to learn more today.