Tooth Sensitivity Comes in Many Forms

Southern Pines Dentist

Sensitive TeethWhen you are experience tooth sensitivity, you would be wise to pay close attention to your symptoms. Sensitive teeth can be an early indication of a growing dental problem, and the earlier you seek help from a dentist in Southern Pines, the better your chances are for a favorable outcome. In your discussion with the dentist, think carefully about the type of sensitivity that you are experiencing, as this information can help to uncover the true source of the problem.

What’s your definition of ‘sensitive’?

Generally, we use the term tooth sensitivity when a tooth responds to stimulation with an uncomfortable or abnormal feeling but doesn’t necessarily feel painful. Below, we’ve listed the most common types of tooth sensitivity:

  • Sensitive to pressure- Sensitivity to biting pressure could indicate a clenching or grinding problem whereas the ligaments that support the teeth can become tender and inflamed. Pressure sensitivity could also indicate a cracked tooth or be related to poorly positioned teeth.
  • Sensitive to sweets- Tooth decay is the common assumption, but the problem could also be caused by a leaking or broken filling.
  • Sensitive to temperature- Hot and cold temperatures can be aggravating when there is moderate to deep tooth decay, a clenching or grinding problem, or receding gums. While even healthy teeth can occasionally react to cold temperatures, a reaction to heat could indicate a deeper problem such as an infected nerve.

More about your symptoms

After identifying the type of sensitivity that you are experiencing, it’s helpful to take a few more notes regarding your symptoms. How often do you notice the sensitivity? How long does the sensation typically last once the stimulus has been removed? Do you ever notice spontaneous sensations, even when you are not eating, drinking, or chewing?

Arriving at the dental office with a good description of your symptoms will help to get the ball rolling towards a comfortable solution. Don’t ignore the warning signs, contact a Southern Pines dental office for an appointment today.