Wintertime is a Great Time for Teeth Whitening

Southern Pines Dentist

WinterClothesSmWe’re halfway through the winter season, and springtime is in sight. Many of us are holding on to New Year’s resolutions for self-improvement, planning for weddings, or looking forward to fun vacations. In this season of optimism and bright beginnings, don’t forget to talk to a dentist about how to brighten up your smile.

The foods and beverages that we often enjoy during the fall and the winter months can lead to stained teeth and dull smiles. Hours of sipping on ciders, lattes, coffee, hot tea, and even hot cocoa can keep your teeth coated in plaque and dark residue. Snacking and sipping can also increase your risk for cavities, making it essential that you floss and brush diligently.

If time is of the essence, contact a dental office where same-day laser tooth whitening is offered. Teeth whitening has been proven safe for your enamel and the whitening solutions are not toxic to your health. In terms of convenience, the in-office procedure can typically be completed in 60-90 minutes! Without a major time commitment, you can erase the stains and brighten your smile by several shades.

You might also be interested in a professional teeth whitening kit for home use if you’d like a more gradual change, or if you would like to touch-up your smile from time to time. A professional take-home kit is generally superior to a drugstore whitener in terms of solution strength and quality. Plus, under a dentist’s supervision, your whitening experience will be less likely to be complicated by sensitivity and other set-backs.

The teeth whitening system that is recommended for you will be based on factors like your personal goals, your lifestyle, your budget, and your current state of oral health. Your whitening options will also be influenced by the presence of any veneers, crowns, or dental implants that have been placed on your front teeth.

For a smile that is bright enough for all of Pinehurst to see, start by scheduling your winter dental visit today.