Your Age Doesn’t Determine Your Dental Health

Southern Pines Dentist

AllAgesSmThere was a time in the not too distant past when bad teeth, tooth loss, and dentures were considered to be ‘normal’ signs of getting older. Who doesn’t remember seeing Grandma and Granddad’s teeth in a glass on the nightstand?

Although Pinehurst residents of previous generations may have wished to keep all of their teeth for life, they had less access to quality dental care and there was far less emphasis on preventive care.

Today, we can see the tremendous value in preventive dentistry, we have better access to care, and we are recognizing the connection between good physical health and good dental health. As a result, the risk of age-related dental problems has decreased tremendously. More and more adults are preserving their natural teeth for their entire lives, and they care about keeping those smiles looking fantastic every step of the way!

There is a common misconception that gum disease and gum recession are unavoidable as we age—especially if it seems to run in the family. The truth is, problems with the gums can be avoided or managed with routine dental checkups, professional cleanings, and daily oral hygiene. Flossing daily, brushing after meals, and good overall health are the keys to maintaining gums that are strong and healthy.

Similarly, tooth loss can generally be avoided when you take the proper steps to prevent cavities and gum disease. Old fillings and dental crowns should be examined by the dentist periodically to ensure that your teeth are properly protected. It is often the case that an old filling begins to crack or a dental crown becomes dislodged, leading to more extensive damage or unwanted tooth loss.

There are other conditions and circumstances that can lead to the deterioration of your smile as you age. Dry mouth, diabetes, eating habits, coffee and tea, or long term tobacco use can eventually lead to dental issues that will require professional attention. However, there are dentists in and around Pinehurst who can help you to avoid or minimize these problems. For more information, schedule your dental appointment today.