Dental Technology

CAD-CAM Technology

Our office is proud to offer computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing – referred to as CAD/CAM – dentistry to provide our patients with premium quality dental crowns.

The use of this technology means that it is possible in many cases for our patients to receive same-day restorations.

Benefits of Same-Day Crowns

  • Durable– Same day crowns are made of strong ceramic and porcelain materials that hold up well over time.
  • Accurate– The intraoral camera used to scan teeth creates an instant 3D model to use during the crown manufacturing process.
  • Natural-looking– We can match the crown material to your natural teeth to provide a restoration that no one will notice.
  • Fast– Instead of having to come back for a second visit to have a conventional crown placed, the entire restoration is completed in a single visit.
  • Conservative treatment– In some cases, we can preserve more of the natural tooth structure by fabricating an onlay (a partial crown) instead of a full crown.
  • No temporary crown needed– Those who get a conventional crown must wear a temporary for a couple of weeks while the permanent replacement is made in a dental lab. Temporary crowns sometimes fall off, which require additional appointments to cement back into place until the permanent restoration is ready.

Same-day crowns are a great solution for the right candidate. We can conduct a thorough examination to determine if it’s a good option for each patient’s unique situation.

Factors that determine whether same-day crowns are a viable option include the size and shape of the tooth in need of restoration, and whether the patient clenches or grinds their teeth.

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