Preventive Dentistry

Keeping up with regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings is the best way to keep your teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. But there are many other treatments available at our Southern Pines dentist office that promote oral health to make sure you always are proud to show off your smile.

Routine Cleanings & Checkups – Routine dental cleanings reduce your risk for dental problems in the future. During the cleaning, a dental hygienist will remove tartar and plaque buildup using specialized instruments. He or she will then polish the teeth. Sometimes fluoride is applied to the teeth to help strengthen them. Cleanings are virtually painless and should be performed at least every six months. Dental X-rays taken during your examination help detect unseen problems.

Well-baby Exams – Well-baby examinations monitor your baby’s growth and development during the first two years of life. Your baby’s teeth and mouth are an important part of the well-baby examination. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that children should visit the dentist by their first birthday or six months after their first tooth comes in. Early dental visits are designed to detect potential problems and educate parents about how to take care of their child’s teeth. It may be surprising that your child needs to see a dentist so early, but studies show that more preschool-aged children are getting cavities these days. Early visits also help to establish a relationship between the child and dentist.

Fluoride Treatments – Fluoride is a natural mineral found in some foods and supplements. Everyday wear and tear can deplete fluoride and other minerals needed to strengthen teeth. Fluoride treatments can help strengthen teeth and fight decay by replenishing fluoride supply. In-office treatments contain more fluoride and remain on teeth longer than over-the-counter treatments. Dr. Moubry provides fluoride treatments in a variety of forms including toothpastes, mouth rinses, gels and varnishes that are safe for children and adults.

Dental Sealants for Children – A dental sealant is a plastic coating applied to the grooves of the back teeth. The sealant prevents tooth decay by keeping germs and food out of those grooves. It is recommended that sealants be applied to permanent molars as soon as they come in, before they have a chance to decay. The application process is quick and painless, and perfect for children and teens. Dental sealants are a great start to a lifetime of good oral health.

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